Identification of multilateral entity tenders (EU, WB, AFDB)
• Personalized search of tenders according to the sector of the enterprise, the value of the contract, the type of project.

Bid compliance
• Advices for the preparation of technical offers, technical documents, the descriptive memory, the work plan and all the details required by the offer.
• Review of the offer drawn up by the Client in order to ensure the formal and normative compliance of the proposal with the Project Specifications and the procurement rules and procedures of the Funder.

Local businesses
• Search for local companies for possible Joint Ventures, subcontractors or suppliers in the destination.

Keys & non-key experts
• Search and selection of international experts according to the project requirements.

The competitive strategy
• Strategic recommendations to optimize the resources proposed by the Client in relation to the evaluation criteria established in the tender specifications.

• Advice on writing and communications between the Client and the tendering authority.

Contract award
• In case of award, we offer advice during the negotiation phase of the Contract, on site, if required.